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Modern Persian Rug | Latest Price List of Persian Rugs in 2019

Modern Persian Rug is a famous and new type of Persian rugs. Handmade carpet with over 2000 years of history as an industry, beautiful art and a symbol of original Persian culture, whose song has filled the world, has shown the creativity of Iranian art to the world by registering at UNESCO. Artists of many provinces and cities in Iran, with the prosperity and preservation of this art as a long-standing asset, have played a significant role in the survival of this important subject. Handmade carpets have warmth due to the use of natural fibers, and walking or kneeling and kneading children on it is not only unhelpful, but also very useful and useful. Persian rugs or carpets today are producing in the two models, Handmade carpets and machine made carpets. You can find modern Persian rugs with modern and beautiful designs from online stores.

Modern Persian Rug |Latest Price List of Persian Rugs in 2019

The Newest Price List of Modern Persian Rug 2019

The Newest Price List of Modern Perian Rug 2019 The designs and colors of the beautiful and beautiful Iranian carpet will fascinate every visitor. Also, the use of natural materials in interior decoration of the home, the place of living is more consistent with the human soul and soul, and induce a certain calm. Regarding the use of wool, crepe, silk and cotton as raw materials used in handmade rugs, you will never see the production of static electricity from this floor. The advantage of many other tiles is significant. In Iran, in most cities of this countries you can find Persian carpet producers. The carpets that are producing in different cities of Iran have different designs, different patterns and different colors. The variety in the Persian rug is too high and if you want to know silk Persian rugs price or other types of the rugs, it’s better to talk with the sellers and suppliers.

How much Is a Persian Tabriz Rug Price for Exports?

How much Is a Persian Tabriz Rug Price for Exports? Tabriz Carpet is one of the types of Iranian carpets. This city is one of the most important carpet weaving centers in Iran, and the carpets produced in it are diverse. Tabriz is currently selected by the World Council for Handicrafts as the “World City Of The Carpet”. Carpet weaving is one of the most important handicrafts in the city of Tabriz and has a worldwide reputation in this field. Carpet weaving started in Tabriz before the Safavid era and was one of the oldest and most famous carpet weaving centers in the world. The raw material used in the carpet of Tabriz is usually made of wool or silk, which sells very high-quality carpets. The best modern Persian rugs are specific to Tabriz city, and the carpets that are woven in Tabriz Have too many fans around the world. If you want to know Persian Tabriz rug price it is better to talk with the sellers, because of the big variety that this kind of carpet has.

Why Silk Persian Rugs Price Is More Expensive?

Why Silk Persian Rugs Price Is More Expensive? In Iran, there is a huge variety of types of rugs, and you will see anywhere in Iran with a variety of carpets specific to that area that has its own characteristics. Silk is actually a yarn that is naturally derived from silkworm cocoons and is the most natural silk ingredient in the protein. Silk carpets are one of the products that are woven by natural silk.  Silk yarns are much thinner than other versions like woolen yarn. For this reason, Silk carpet weaving is a very delicate and difficult task and it’s a very time consuming task, so silk Persian rugs are more expensive that the other types of Persian rugs. If you want to see and buy  modern Persian rugs in different designs one the best way is buying form online stores.

How to Identify Persian Rug Patterns from Others?

How to Identify Persian Rug Patterns from Others? The handmade carpet of Tabriz or other cities of Iran is woven in different shapes, sizes and qualities due to its popularity. Whatever the number of nodes in a square inch higher, the better the carpet is. As it was mentioned above, Persian rugs have too many patterns, Only in Tabriz we have more than 20 designs and patterns. How to identify Persian rug patterns ? If you want to have information about Persian rug patterns, You have to spend a lot of time doing this, because there are too many patterns for Persian rugs in the market and it is a Time-consuming work to learn all types of it. The best way for identify modern Persian rug patterns is talking with its experts.

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