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Iranian Rugs For Sale |Most Famous &Valuable Rugs in the World

Iranian Rugs For Sale is most demanded rug. Iranian carpet or Persian carpet is the original art of this country. Although there were baguettes in the Caucasus and Tibet, as well as China and India. But this art has gone to Iran from Iran. Therefore, this art in Iran has more background. And in Iran carpet weaving has reached a high degree of maturity. During the Safavid period and Qajar period, carpet texture was perfected. And traditional designs and roles were combined with religious designs and created modern handmade carpets in Iran. Persian carpets have long been known and used. The document was also presented by the Chief Scientist and Chancellor of Greece. In the book of Cyrus the Cyrus refers to a carpet under the foot of his king of Iran.The Chinese Sweeney Yearbook is a Sassanid term for Iranian wool carpets as a commodity imported to China. It's about 2000 to 3000 years ago. The famous Baharestan carpet at Caisson Palace is famous for its iconic paradise. The oldest sample of the carpet from the Scythian rulers in the Pazirik valley was found 80 kilometers outside of Mongolia. And patriarchal rugs. Currently, 40 to 50 percent of Iranian carpet export is carried out through East Azarbaijan province. Iranian Rugs For Sale is ready to offer. Iranian Rugs For Sale are available in all ranges. 

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